Required field validator for an fckeditor

Unfortunately a requiredfieldvalidator doesn’t work with the fckeditor. The way to do this is to use a custom validator. Important note: you need to set validateemptytext=”true” otherwise it doesn’t fire Then add the following javascript (note that I’m using jQuery here to reference the validator control) You might also want to handle the server-side validation Read more about Required field validator for an fckeditor[…]

Lo-Fi unzipping functionality for .net

I’ve looked for unzipping functionality for .net a couple of times over the years and never found a totally satifactory solution. In a recent project I had to grab an attachment from a POP box and then unzip the attachment. I found an unzipping product called 7zip, it’s open source and there’s a command line Read more about Lo-Fi unzipping functionality for .net[…] outputcache based on url

The outputcache page directive is very handy – and I tend to use this where appropriate on my usercontrols (.ascx) You can optionally vary by querystring parameters. Something that’s missing from the default options is to vary based on the actual url of the page. I was building a site where a random testimonial was Read more about outputcache based on url[…]