Exclude a file from Mercurial

Find the .hgignore file and open in a texteditor Add a line e.g. myfolder/mysubfolder/myfile.txt or for a for the contents of a folder e.g.¬†myfolder/mysubfolder/dontinclude/   If you already have a file in source control and you want to remove it, open a command prompt, navigate to the directory. hg remove -Af myfile.txt -A records a Read more about Exclude a file from Mercurial[…]

Vue.js pass some translations into a component

In the parent page create a javascript variable and set the values server-side e.g. ViewBag is only used here for illustration. In the component define translations as a prop, specifying it’s type as Object. I’ve kept the other prop “rows” to show how multiple props are specified. In the component template use them like Or Read more about Vue.js pass some translations into a component[…]