Website Spruce Up

The brief

Kat Jenkins is a Hypnotherapist who contacted me asking for some help with her website.

After a little bit of analysis of her current site I identified a hit-list of improvements, these covered areas such as usability, search engine optimisation, design and calls to action.

Screenshot before

Here’s a before screenshot.

The menu items were hard to read in the header panel.

Links weren’t very obvious and regular text was underlined and looked like links.

The urls were stock WordPress e.g. ?page_id=101

There was no obvious calls to action. Email links didn’t work. In short the website needed a little TLC.


Header bar before

Header bar after

The menu is now:

  • legible
  • reorganised
  • slimmed down

The header also contains the contact phone number and email address, so people who are interested can get in touch without having to search for contact details.


The site had been hacked in the past and needed security tightening. I installed and configured a security plugin.

I hardened the usernames and passwords. I updated WordPress and it’s plugins. And undertook various other measures to make the website less vulnerable.

Content Reorganisation

The media page was a page of seemingly random links. I reorganised into a new editorial blog area. And changed a link to a sample audio file to a feature panel.


The sidebar contained links to the types hypnotherapy Kat offers and accreditation logos. These links weren’t obvious and the logos were too small to read.

Sidebar before

Sidebar after

Calls To Action

I added a clear call to action to the bottom of the “service” pages.

Call to action

Finishing Touches

I added Google Analytics tracking to get a measure of the website traffic.

The Result

After only a few hours work, I ironed out website issues, tidied, improved, secured and generally gave the website some TLC.

Screenshot of the final homepage

Final screenshot

The site now offers a better user experience. It’s more secure. It’s friendlier to search engines.

See for yourself at

Does your website require a little TLC?

Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help

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